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First of all, what does “eh oui!” mean? This typical French expression does not have a literal translation in other languages. It can be interpreted in English as “oh yes!”, it’s an exclamation. “Eh oui ! J’apprends le français!”: “Yes, I learn French!”


Virginie Cutulic

I am a native French teacher. I have been teaching French for over ten years in France, India, Mexico and now the USA.

10 most common errors

Learning a language is only possible if there is an interaction. So look this French content.

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Certify your level of French for a specific sector of your work, for your school or business with our programs and learning methods

Our benefits

Private classes

The benefit of private lessons is that the class is 100% you, and we are speaking at exactly your level.

1-on-1 conversations

During our classes we talk about a range of topics that are of interest to you and geared to your level.

Real French

Our specialty is to teach your REAL French. Of course, we will use and talk about the basics, the essentials, but we want to teach you the everyday French that real French people use.

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