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¿Who We Are?

Express Power Solutions is an energy broker, family owned and operated company stablished in Houston TX since 2020 and its main goal is to help the Houston community make smarter decision’s when it comes to the energy market, saving you the time and hassle of looking for the right provider but not having enough information about the product to make a good decision that’s when Express Power Solutions can make a difference.
One of the most important things to understand today is, what is de-regulation? Thanks to de-regulation, now we have competition between companies to offer electricity service for a reasonable price but knowing the customer has the final word.

Before de-regulation, we only had one option and no one could do anything about it, now me and you as customers of these retail electric providers can choose how much we want to pay for electricity? One of the main reasons why we are doing this its because of the huge percentage of the population in the Texas market who just don’t know there’s a way to save on electricity, the good news is, you as a customer of any retail electric provider has rights which you signed up for and will make sure those are respected, and always will be looking for your best interests not the companies.

Once you become part of our family and it’s time to renew, you don’t have to worry about looking for a new provider or look for a better rate, we take care of everything for you and will also be available by the different methods of contact. Please feel free to reach out to us and let us know if you have any questions about our service, our benefits, how we work or anything related to this market in general.

Express Power Solutions

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Forging long-term relationships with our customers by promoting and providing the cheapest rates of electricity. Our operation team will work along with our customers to facilitate the most efficient customer service.


That express Power Solutions becomes the Electricity Broker in the State of Texas that everyone will come to, looking for great customer service and a cheap rate.

Our Values


Having the sense of fulfillment that at the end of each interaction with our customer, we both will have.


We are decisive, forward thinking and not afraid to do the right thing.


We are committed to providing the highest-quality work.


We are honest and trustworthy and treat everyone with fairness and respect


We are transparent in our work and listen to others.

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